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P7d8h - Acrylic Sign holder
P7d8h - Acrylic Sign holder

Art. P7d8h
Acrylic Sign holder, A4 Landscape, chrome plated

Metal frame made of steel, chrome plated
A4 Landscape format Acrylic Sign holder
ø8mm steel tube, 300mm lenght

Availables Versions:

P7d8h Acrylic Sign holder, A4 Landscape
P7d8v Acrylic Sign holder, A4 Portrait

Suitable for:

242/T , 242/B/T , 242/GR Dump bins series 242
243/T Art. 243/T
244/T Art. 244/T
245/T Art. 245/T
247/T Art. 247/T (with appropriate support)
249/45 , 249/56 , 249/345 , 249/456 Dump bins series 249
280 Base for Sign holder
281 Universal support for Sign holder